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"Gully Boy" is a film about a 22-year-old boy "Murad" (Ranveer Singh) from a ghetto in Mumbai, India. The son of a driver, his parents worked hard to get him educated so that he could have a white collar job.

Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt

Adventure, Comedy

14 February 2019

Gully Boy

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Zoya Akhtar's new film Gully Boy is a dark horse anecdote about a poor individual from Dharavi whose fantasies are greater than his world. It's basically based on the lives of Naezy and Divine. Just Like them Murad, Ranveer Singh, is resolved not to give his conditions a chance to confine his desire. 

Nevertheless, there are numerous layers to the film, it additionally talks about Murad's transitioning and his revelation and comprehension of who he really is.The lead character (Ranveer Singh) is tied up with discovering his demeanor, for different situations he came across, through verse and rap. The film is additionally an excellent romantic tale, and in some capacity it's an adoration letter to Mumbai – a city where rich and poor coexist in a provisional kind of harmony, where high rises neglect ghettos, where you can be poor and still have uprightness, and where dreams often comes to reality.

What controls these distinctive strands are basically two things: an unprecedented execution from Ranveer Singh as Murad. Furthermore, the music and lyrics, which have as much inclination as the story and cinematography. 

Zoya last film with Ranveer Singh 'Dil Dhadakne Do', took advantage of a calmer, progressively keen side of Ranveer. They expand on that in Gully Boy. A major piece of his execution in this film happens all over in his appearances. There are stray minutes that bristle with genuineness. He gets even the easily overlooked details down wonderfully; unmistakably he's an amazingly instinctive, discerning on-screen character. The songs are strong, and stacked with ground-breaking words that particularly reverberate in their separate circumstances. Murad, who has an belittling dad, raps about his mom and works toward making her dream comes true.


Something that I most liked in Gully Boy is the romantic story of Murad and Safeena, the character that Alia Bhatt plays. From their very first impression on screen, silent scene in a BEST transport – it could be predicted that they will have an amazing understanding which originates from being as one for a long time. Safeena is a medical graduate coming from a preservationist Muslim family; however Zoya have composed such a spunky character in Safeena. She cherishes Murad, she has marked her territory as a strong women which is beautifully showcased in the movie. As usual Alia has done an amazing acting.


So has done the other cast of the film including Vijay Verma as Murad's grease monkey companion Moeen, Vijay Raaz as his fierce dad, and Amruta Subhash as his forbearing mother. The champion however is a young actor named Siddhant Chaturvedi who plays MC Sher and helps Murad in the journey of rap fights. He has a beguiling nearness and leaves an enduring impression. 


Less convincing is a subplot including Kalki Koechlin's character Sky, a well-to-do, US-returned artist who takes a distinct fascination both in Murad's music and him. Beside a couple of such plot focuses that I didn't like much, one issue is length of the film, It's about more than two hours and that is unreasonably long for a film whose essential story circulates around an underdog - is quite unsurprising. Keeping these minor nigglings aside, I think Gully Boy is one of Zoya best work in recent times.
I'm running with four out of five stars for Gully Boy. I really loved this film from inside of my bones. 


Rating: 4/5


Gully Boy